Company Profile

HiTak Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Eng. Ltd founded in 1980, has been a leader inthermal and acoustic insulation, and building material trading. Recently, Hi Takhas expanded its business to areas of structural steelwork and pipeinstallation.

With the increase in demand foreconomic efficiency, living standard and awareness of environmental protectionin the modern society, thermal and acoustic control and energy saving aregrowing in importance. The economic reform and rapid development of China havecreated great competition and challenges in the market, and Hi Tak hasestablished its branch offices in Shenzhen, Macao and Zhongshan in 1997, 2002and 2003 respectively to meet its business growth in China.

 With morethan 22-year experience in tendering for international engineering works andengineering management, you are assured of best value and safety in all ourengineering services.

 Hi Tak hasserviced business enterprise and manufacturing customers in:

  1. Supply of any kind of acoustic, thermal materials and a variety of equipment; and related import and export trading business
  2. Carrying out new and maintenance works in:

Oil Drilling Platform, Off Shore Oilrig
Refuse Incinerator Plant
Power Generation Plant
Food Production Plant
Refrigeration Plant
Air-conditioning System
Oil Refinery Plant
Building Insulation
Steel Production Plant
Pharmaceutical Plant
Cement Production Plant
Gas Plant
Chemical Plant
Shipbuilding Plant
Ice Plant

Hi Tak brings you a team of expertise with excellent competence in technical skills, knowledge and experience. Whether in the aspects of safety measures, supervision, management, communication and co-ordination, you will find our commitment in serving you in accordance with our management principles: “Save Energy, Protect Environment, Perform professionally, Achieve Good Quality, Building a Trusted Relationship”.



喜德保溫隔聲工程有限公司始創于1980, 是一間處于領導地位的保溫、隔聲工程及物料貨貿易專業公司,近年,敝公司更擴展至承辦鋼鐵結構、管道安裝來配合客戶的需求。

由於現在社會講求經濟效率,生活水準及環保意念日益提昇,以至對保溫節能及噪音控制更為重視。隨著中國的經濟改革令市場面臨更大的競爭及挑戰,所以敝公司以於1997年、2002 2003年,分別於中國深圳市、澳門及中山坦洲鎮成立分公司來配合國內的業務發展。



1. 代理 / 供應各類型的隔音、保溫、保冷材料和各式各樣配件及進出口業務。

2. 專業承包及維修工程如下:

••• 鑽油台, 油井
••• 焚化爐
••• 發電廠
••• 飲品廠 
••• 冷凍庫
••• 啤酒廠
••• 空調系統
••• 煉油庫
••• 樓房隔熱
••• 鋼鐵工廠
••• 造藥廠
••• 水泥廠
••• 煤氣廠
••• 化學工廠
••• 造船廠
••• 造冰廠